Friday, 18 February 2011

Post: The Second

So it's my intention to goof around with this blogging thing by making posts in different styles, eg:

-  a cooking post
- a look how cute my pets are post
- an irritatingly shallow and dramatic post
- and other stereotypical blog posts

I hadn't expected to start off with a "what I did this afternoon" post mixed with a "details of minor injuries" post and an "omg I've had a revelation thanks to a dubious, New Age-sounding reinvention of X" but meh, my goal is to write regularly, not produce internet gold.

I decided to take advantage of the gorgeous 11 degree weather today and walk to the library. Now, prolonged walking has been painful the past few weeks thanks to a combination of a soft-tissue injury in my ankle (too much jumping to Great Big Sea at a wedding reception) and poor posture at my desk (eg. sitting in a way that aggravated my ankle, even though I know better). Oh, and a fantastic set of blisters acquired during a cross country ski outing last weekend.

So I taped up the blisters and bravely headed out into the sunshine. As I walked, I tried to apply some of the techniques we learned in our first ChiWalking class. ChiWalking feels awkward and looks kinda silly, but there seems to be merit to the technique (and it's not remotely the hippy-dippy vegan rainbows program that it sounds like). Still, I've remained skeptical....until this afternoon. When I walked with my normal heel-hits-the-ground-first stride my ankle was aching within a few steps. When I chiwalked the pain vanished. Seriously surprised the difference was that noticeable. So instead of alternating between my regular stride and chiwalking for my trip, I chiwalked the entire way. No ankle pain! Although now I have some sore muscles from carrying my body in a way it's not used to.

This gives me hope for working my way back into running this spring (yes, there is ChiRunning), and eventually learning barefoot running. 

Now to practise linking in a blog post:
Wikipedia article on ChiRunning

Confidential to B: you might find ChiRunning beneficial to you since it can help make running easier, more pleasurable and significantly reduce injuries. 


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