Tuesday, 20 March 2012

It's alive!!!!!!!

We were eating supper the other day when THV excitedly pointed out that two nearby plants weren't dead.

So much faith in my horticultural abilities that boy has :)

I'm thankful I was warned by the lovely lady who started these seedlings for me that Jatropha podagrica loses it's leaves in the winter. I was a bit surprised they did it while still so young and likely would have tossed them out at Christmas time without the advice.

I wonder if they will get very big and fat this summer?

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Lithops fulviceps lookin good!

L. fulviceps, a bit dusty after a winder indoors, but looking healthy!

The weather here has be unusually warm....like 10 degees (Celsius) above normal. The snow is melting, the geese are coming back and the wonderful smell of warming soil is getting me excited for spring!

I took all of my lithops out from under the grow lights for the first time in months and inspected each one. A few seedlings have died, but it looks like all of my adult plants have made it through their first winter with me just fine. Most are busy changing their leaves and getting ready for another summer basking in the sun.

Can't wait until I can put all the lithops outside and free up room under the lights for starting seedlings. I've amassed a big collection of lithops seeds over the past year, and have no room to plant them!