Friday, 1 July 2011

Meet the new guys: Lithops hallii v. hallii

Happy Canada Day everyone! I hope you are celebrating in fun, awesome ways. I just finished my shift at work (tiring but fun - live music, raffles, great grub) and am getting ready to head to the cottage tomorrow. Blogging is great for procrastinating from laundry :)

Today we have Lithops hallii v. hallii (C119). This guy was a nice surprise from Conos Paradise, I had ordered a 3 year old, single-headed plant, and he sent me this adorable 2 headed guy for the same price. L. halliis are one of the easiest lithops for me to identify (so far). Their brain-like pattern, framed by a smooth, wide border is distinctive, although it is more obvious on the hallii I got from Humber Nurseries back in April.

Two hallis: Conos Paradise on the left; Humber Nurseries on the right.

And another pic, this one with better detail of the pattern:

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  1. What a pretty little guy!

    How's all your babies coming along? I remember you were growing a bunch a wee plants when I came to visit. Have they all grown up and gone off to college already?