Tuesday, 20 March 2012

It's alive!!!!!!!

We were eating supper the other day when THV excitedly pointed out that two nearby plants weren't dead.

So much faith in my horticultural abilities that boy has :)

I'm thankful I was warned by the lovely lady who started these seedlings for me that Jatropha podagrica loses it's leaves in the winter. I was a bit surprised they did it while still so young and likely would have tossed them out at Christmas time without the advice.

I wonder if they will get very big and fat this summer?


  1. Aw he's cute! I'm glad you didn't kick him to the curb. :D

  2. i've got one that looks just like his. is there a way to exchange pictures (of the Buddha's Belly (common name) plant)

  3. oh ... and i've got a question:

    down where the leaves begin ... where the caudex begins to form ... what are those little things that look like three toed frogs feet?