Monday, 7 March 2011

Absensce and a scarf

Well, now I've gone and done something else typical of blogging - disappeared for a long while with no updates. Not a great way to keep my two readers coming back for more :P

Life hit with some things going on that I didn't want to write about (this place isn't a blow-by-blow of my life after all) and my energy and focus for blogging went ka-blooey. Kept wishing my camera was back from the shop since there are some photo-posts I want to make that would have been easy to do in the flurry of last week. Alas.

Next time I've got some ideas to try for keeping blogging in the face of stress:

* keep a list of post ideas for times when my idea-generating capabilities are low
* write a few extra posts to keep in reserve
* just blog small, short things to keep things from getting stale
* hope my camera gets back soon!

So, I'm back.

And I knit a scarf. It looks like seaweed. Awesome.

Of course, lack of camera means lack of pictures, but conveniently I ended up choosing the same coloured yarn as the model, so you see pretty much exactly what I made:

(Picture linked from, although it seems to be the promo image for this type of yarn. Citation gods, please don't strike me down!*)

My grandmother and I were in Wool Thyme shopping for a sweater pattern she is going to knit me (Nanny = awesome knitter) and she looked at this yarn and told me to pick out a colour since I was GOING to knit a scarf. I love a crafting woman who takes charge. Yarn is Triana in Sea Green & Blue and it basically looks like a type of mesh that you then knit to itself. Very very simple and knit up in about 3 hours. Perfect for this knitting-challenged individual.

Kinda want to make a few more - a 3 hour scarf is good boost for the crafting self-esteem. I also have some really cool ideas to use the yarn in a tribal bellydance costume. So many ideas, so little time...and money.

This week will be a short one - the PAX East festivities begin for us on Thursday night and Friday morning we fly to Boston for 3 days of gamer heaven. Can't wait.

Am thinking about doing a "Packing for PAX East" post, I love reading other people's packing lists, and it might be useful to have to compare for future years (yup, haven't even been yet and we are already thinking of making this an annual thing. Cart before the horse much?). So my dual dear readers, care to hear what I'm bringing for an orgy of nerdy activities?

*Note to self: research blogging policy and etiquette on linking pictures, recipes etc. grad school has given me a complex about citations.


  1. I'd be interested in what you'd bring to an orgy of any sort :)

  2. Oh, re linking: generally it's better to download a picture and re-host it if you're going to post it (instead of direct linking, which makes use of another website's bandwidth), but given your modest readership, I can't imagine anyone's going to care too much.

  3. I second Brian's interest in what you'd bring to an orgy of any sort! :D

    I sort of freak out when I haven't posted in a while, and always think that the next post has to be epic awesomeness to amuse and appease the masses. But then I usually just post about yoghurt or babble about a show I watched on tv, something that pleases me, and then everything gets back to regular programming after that (at my personal blog, that is).

    Actually, I came across a relevant quote about something like this just this week.

    Better to write for yourself and have no public,
    then to write for the public and have no self.
    -Writer Cyril Conway

    Also, that scarf really does look like seaweed. I LOVE it!

  4. you should make a post about putting the 'h' in 'yoghurt'

    and then i will be like "RAWR i am anti-h-in-'yoghurt'-and-instead-prefer'yogurt' " and we will engage in the great civic enterprise of debate!!

  5. Heh, it never occurs to me to put an "h" in yogurt. When I do see it, I always imagine the writer talking in a very posh British accent a la Helena Bonham Carter in the King's Speech.

  6. Oh I totally speak in a very posh British accent every time I say yoghurt. That's the whole point to the 'h'.