Thursday, 10 March 2011

PAX East 2011 - packing

Alright, here is the promised packing post - with pictures!*

It's only after I took the picture that I realized that this is going to be a much less interesting post than anticipated. Since I'm traveling with just a carry on, space is limited.

Yup, that's everything for a week of nerdy goodness.

In a roughly clockwise order starting from the top left:
- day pack for carrying swag and snacks
- empty water bottle (to be filled when through security)
- carryon bag for everything
- camera
- toiletries (including copious amounts of hand sanitizer, vitamin C and ColdFX to help prevent the PAX Plague)
- clothing (extra pair of pants, 1 t-shit, 1 sweater - will be supplemented with awesome geek-ware purchased at PAX)
- cloth bag (in case of large amounts of swag)
- schedule
- granola bars, fruit leathers and a bar of really really good chocolate
- Nintendo DS + games
- Zombie Dice
- ereader
- credit cards
- notebook + pen
- passport!
- socks

Missing: comfy pair of shoes, PAX entrance badge, which I stupidly forgot to include.

It all fits!

So, will this be too much? Not enough? I really cheezily want to write "stay tuned to find out!"

Back in a few days, hopefully with great experiences and great loot.

* no, camera isn't back yet, ended up borrowing one for the trip.


  1. Unrelated, but:

    I believe you would enjoy the movie Rango for reasons including, but not limited to, critters that look an awful lot like chocobos.

  2. I really cheezily want to write "stay tuned to find out!"

    Fuss, it's your blog. You can bring as cheesy as you want. That's sort of the point. ;)

    Seriously though I want that quilt. Oh and also have a great time geeking out!