Thursday, 23 June 2011

Meet the new guys: L. hookeri and L. verruculosa

No time to set up a new plant-y blog yet, so I will continue posting here for time being.

I was going to post pics of my herb garden and the little luffah plant that keeps hanging in there (now planted in the garden), but it is pouring rain out. So instead today we have: MOAR LITHOPS!  Can never go wrong with a 'thops imho.

Two more from my Cono's Paradise order that I haven't introduced yet.

L. hookeris are some of my favorite lithops - love the texture and shape of their tops, and they are a nice size. I got two plants of C336 in the hopes that they will flower so I can try to pollinate them.

Sorry Heather, don't mean to freak you out with these very brrrraaaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnnnsssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! lithops.

Next up is a L. verruculosa, only a 1 year old plant this time....and a tiny one at that. I have still green lithops seedlings that are bigger than this guy. Can you spot him in there?

He is less than 5mm across. Interestingly the old plant leaves were actually tri-lobed. I'm not entirely sure if the new ones still are - would be really neat if they were though. Just have to wait for it to get bigger. Although I have no clue how big verruculosas are supposed to get. Maybe they are micro-lithops?

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