Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Meet some more new lithops and mesembs!

L. julii fulleri v. brunnea C179

Sadly I wasn't able to addend the Toronto Cactus and Succulent Club's Annual Show & Sale on June 5th. Darn part-time job that gives me money to buy plants.

But I am a very lucky girl with great friends. The two other mesemb-nuts in my city drove down (and back in the same day!) and brought back some plants for me. So I now have 7 new lithops and a few other mesembs and succulents.

Through absolutely dumb luck I picked the above L. julii fulleri from a list ahead of time, and it turned out to be two fantastic plants (7 years old apparently).....and the super awesome best part?

One of them came with a seed pod!!!

*happy seed pod dance*

The pod has now been removed and tucked away in a little baggie. Does anyone know if it is better to store the seeds in the pod itself, or remove them for storage?

The 6 other lithops. Clockwise starting from the top left they are: L. dorotheae, L. pseudotruncatella (C70), L. karasmontana "jacobseniana" (C227), L. lesliei "Albinica", L. julii (C297) and L. gracilidelineata (C261).

The other plants, clockwise from the top left: Faucaria paucidens, Carranthus ringens, Titanopsis calcarea, Lophophors williamsii (peyote!!), Haworthia maughanii X truncata, and Escobaria vivipara.

I'm totally in love with the Lophophora - its an adorable green ball, apparently with hallucinogenic properties. The Faucaria apparently was a freebie plant...I already have ~20 seedlings growing like they are on crack and refusing to cull themselves. Definitely going to be giving some away in the future....not a plant I'm head-over-heels for. The cactus was another freebie, I'm not a huge cactus fan (read: die pokey fuckers! die!), but this little guy is tiny and has a pleasing spine arrangement, so he is growing on me. Now my cactus collection has doubled to a whopping two plants.

There are other, non-plant things going on that I want to write about, but this blog has gotten so plant-centric, and the only non-real life friend readers I've picked up are all plant people, I feel like I should keep it on topic. So I'm thinking of starting a plant-focused blog and returning this one to it's original intent of a place to let me write and take a break from thesis-thinking.

Of course that means I have to think of a new blog name...

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