Thursday, 26 January 2012

Well crap.

Looks like my sago palm is on its' way out.

I've never had any luck keeping these plants alive. This is probably the 4th one I've tried to grow over the years. Just can't seem to figure out what the trick is with these guys. This one was outside all summer, the leaves stayed green and healthy-looking, but it never grew any new leaves. Just noticed it starting to brown up and die the other day.

Any advice?


  1. :( Sorry to hear that your plant is struggling. No advice from me, I'm afraid.

  2. Sago Palms are actually cycads, not palms. I keep mine alive by potting it in good well drained soil. When I transplant it, I use extra care. I don't manhandle like all "professional" gardeners do their plants. I baby it 100%. If it's injured, as crazy as it sounds, I talk to it, and beg it not to die on me, strangely it works for me. If you don't want to injure your baby, you don't manhandle him/her, you are very careful, and you pay so much attention to him/her. Same deal for Cycas Revoluta. Be very careful. Water when it needs it. If your pot doesn't dry up after 1 week, the soil is not draining well enough. Keep it in bright indirect light. You want just enough light so it creates a dense shadow, but never in direct sunlight. The leaves will burn. They are not very cold hardy, only at maturity will they tollerate temperatures at 5°F. They are slow growers, gaining only 1 inch in height per year, gaining 1 foot in height per decade. Keep away from pets as they will kill your sago just like your sago will kill your pets. My last sago was killed by my cat. Fortunately, my cat didn't injest any piece of the plant, but did do enough damage to the plant that within weeks, my sago was dead(of course I also bought it after temps in my area reached 15°F. Maybe that's why it died, but whatever. If it doesn't have new growth, don't worry about it, unless it's fronds are browning up like yours. Fertilize 1-3 times per growing season, or once or twice a month when growing indoors. Good luck.