Friday, 3 February 2012

Stubborn Lithops pseudotruncatella

So this guy has been done changing his leaves and sitting around encased in a dried wrapping for, oh, a good 4 months now. I've given him two good drinks of water and he has been completely uninterested in breaking free.

I finally noticed why this morning.

The little bugger was busy making another set of leaves. Wtf plant? Kinda like Rika's confused fulviceps.

I got out my finest tweezers and cleaned off the old, dried leaves. Not sure if I really should have, but I really don't think the plan needs them anymore.


Hopefully he doesn't die.


  1. Hi Heather! :)
    Your cute little lithops will be just fine. It looks very young: at this stage the more they change their skin the faster they grow.
    Also, don't hesitate removing the "old" skin ;) They need help sometimes~

  2. Thanks for the reassurance Rika! The plant is almost a year and a half old, but is smaller than some fulviceps I planted this past spring. Maybe pseudotruncatellas are slower growers?

  3. indeed they are. it took my pseudotruncatellas 3 years to at least look like grown-ups but they're still very small (same with gracilidelineata).
    i guess, fertilizing more might help to speed things up but this is a dangerous path. having slower and healthier plants is better :)

    ps: just checked S.Hammers book. there are some things on this tomic on page 99, pseudotruncatella