Tuesday, 2 August 2011

A caudex! We have a caudex!

My 2(-ish) month old Elephant's Foot seedlings (Dioscorea elephantipes) are looking very impressive these days. Each plant has two heart-shaped leaves and a small caudex pushing through the soil. So far so good with these guys, although I live in fear of the day I wake up and they have keeled over due to me not knowing something about raising them from seed.

So far I have been doing what I do with all of my succulent seedlings - keeping the soil moist and growing them under lights. At some point though I will need to cut back on the water and repot them - not necessarily in that order. I just have no idea when I should be doing these things!! And the internet hasn't been much help....there is info out there on how to germinate the seeds, and how to care for the adult plant, but info on getting them from seedling to adult? Doesn't exist. /sulk. Must have fallen through a hole in the intertubes or something.

My approach to this stage of "Fuss' Plan to Raise Her Very Own Elephant's Foot" is to go for quantity - I have ~20 seeds left, so I'll plant a bunch more this week as backups to the two seedlings I already have. Hopefully one of them will survive my attempts to bring it into adulthood. If they all do? Maybe starts a Dioscorea elephantipes online store complete with gift baskets and dorkey mugs :)

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