Thursday, 11 August 2011

Finally! Lithops aucampiae var. aucampiae

This was one of my very first lithops, one that I got from my Mesemb Mentor back in March. Right away I noticed he was starting to shrivel and hopefully change his leaves. Ever since I have been patiently waiting, patiently withholding water, and worrying no small amount. My mentor encouraged patience and calmed my panic that he was shriveling due to impending death.

Finally a few days ago he was properly dry and looked like this:

A good soaking, and two days later we have this:

I couldn't wait any longer, so I removed the last of the dried, old leaves.

Behold! A bright, shiny new Lithops aucampiae var. aucampiae

Ok, so he came out a little squashed and wonky. I wonder if he will straighten himself out or if he will always look like that. His body is awfully long too, not sure if I should pot him deeper or just see if a few weeks of good sun with flatten him out.

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