Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Lithops fulviceps and Faucaria paucidens seedlings

Ugh, unimaginative title is unimaginative.

Annnnnnyway.....some of my various lithops and mesemb seedlings have started doing interesting things.

Above are some L. fulviceps I sowed in April, almost a month after my first attempt at growing lithops from seed. These guys are so much bigger and healthier looks than the seedlings from the first batch. Not sure why - possibly a difference in my soil mixes.

These fulviceps are speedy little things (for lithops) - already getting their adult leaves! Exciting!

And here is a more recent picture of my Faucaria paucidens:

Their baby leaves have all shriveled up and some are even producing their second pair of adult leaves (see top right of the photo).

Compare to 3 months ago:

Still growing like they are on crack, still not self-culling themselves. I really need to nuts up and repot some, throw some out or give them away. Not many people seem interested in growing mesembs in my city though :( I just hate the idea of killing something I've raised from seed.

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  1. Oh wow, they're all doing so well! Congrats on growing such a cute bunch. :)