Wednesday, 7 September 2011


What is this bit of greenery amongst a pot of dead pansies*?

A little jade plant - not a commen sight in random flower pots here in Canada. Earlier this spring I went and rooted a pile of cuttings from our big jade plant (since deceased), and then threw most of them out in a fit of de-cluttering my seedling collection. And when I say "threw" I mean literally: I pulled the seedlings from their pots and kinda pitched them randomly in the backyard. Fast forward several months and it appears that this guy has managed survive my cold-hearted attempts at succulenticide, avoid getting eaten by Henry and get comfortable amongst the pansy-corpses.

My cold heart is cracking just a little: the to-do list for the weekend now includes digging this little guy up and bringing him inside to a warm and happy home....hopefully he forgives me for casting him out. I promise it wont happen again.

*Pansies are dead due to persistent mowing by my most beloved Henry:

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  1. Ah Henry. I witnessed his dedication to annihilating those poor defenseless pansies. I'm surprised there's anything green left in that pot. :D