Wednesday, 27 April 2011


During an Easter visit to out-of-town family THV and I managed to sneak off to a nearby nursery for a whirlwind visit to their houseplants section. I had called ahead and asked if they had any lithops, but my hopes dropped when the lady said she thought they did - covered in moss in the aquatic plants section. Riiiiiiiight. Since the nursery was only 10 minutes away we went anyway, and lucked out! I picked up these three guys from a tray of sad looking lithops. I would have liked to get more, but lithops are fickle plants prone to sudden death - I'm not confident in my ability to rehabilitate severely mistreated specimens, so restrained myself to the healthiest ones.

The top little guy has already gone to my mentor, and the other two are staying with me. I'm pretty sure the bottom is L. hallii, but have no idea about the right-most one. L. karasmontana maybe?

I also came home with this guy, a Ming aralia (Polyscios fruticoa), seduced by the delicate foligage, promise of liking lower-light locations (if the tag is right, need to google more), and the low, low price. Right now it is acclimatzing in a north-facing window while I try to tease out reliable information on care from the internet.

I love the leaves....hopefully I don't kill it!

Tiny, delicate new growth

Also picked up these on a whim:

Teeny, tiny pots!!!!! I have absolutely no idea if they have any practical use. Even lithops need larger pots than these. But they were just so adorable and so cheap I couldn't resist.


  1. I didn't see the wee pots! Those are adorkable! When you re-pot the bitty lithops, can they go into these?

  2. Sadly no, lithops have a pretty deep root system - not suitable for those tiny pots. I could probably sow lithops seeds in them, but its pretty space-inefficient.

    What I need is a really, really, really tiny plant.