Saturday, 2 April 2011

Well that wasn't so bad....

Cookies turned out fantastic (helped that I used a tried and true recipe, and didn't go off on a creative tangent), and I thought the cream of roasted tomato soup tasted great. Then THV had to comment that it tasted a lot like my (famous, in his mind) tomato-basil pasta sauce. So I spent the rest of supper trying to think of it as soup and not pasta sauce and barely refrained from hopping up and putting some spaghetti on to boil. No basil in the soup either....I think he just gets orally confused because I'm pretty fanatical about using really good canned tomatoes in both my pasta sauce and tomato soup...and both recipes are very minimalist to let the tomato flavour shine through.

Sorry for not taking pictures, really would have livened up this drive-by-posting.

Instead here is a conciliatory tomato picture from summer - a small fraction of our garden bounty:

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  1. Mmm...tomatoes. You could cook for me any day, Fuss.