Friday, 29 April 2011

L. hallii (I think). Such a pretty pattern!

It finally got warm and sunny a few days ago, so I brought some of my plants out for the afternoon to really enjoy the sunshine (I grow my lithops and mesembs under lights due to a lack of south- and west-facing windows in the house).

Unknown lithops species - anyone have a guess?

L. pseudotruncatella, 7 months old.

They seemed to enjoy the sun and I made sure to bring them in before they could risk getting sunburned. I need to make a place for my houseplants on the back patio this summer - a place sheltered from the wind, bunnies and dogs, and rain protection for the lithops. This will be the first summer I've actually moved some houseplants outside, and I'm hoping it will cheer them up. Particularly my poor Adenium obesum:

Pathetic eh?

Enjoying the sun! Need to repot the Sago Palm.

Sigh, it was bright and sunny outside when I started writing the post, and now it's clouded over and the temperature has dropped. Why can't I get a day of work with gorgeous weather?


  1. How big is L. pseudotruncatella? It looks like it's about the size of a dime.

  2. Hehe, I wish - the L. pseudotruncatella is 7mm in diameter, a dime is 1.8 cm - so over double the width. I've read that pseudotruncatellas can get quite large though, so I'm hopeful! For another scale reference, the white chunks in the soil are pieces of perlite.

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