Wednesday, 20 April 2011


Woot! My order from Rare Exotic Seeds came in. A nice pick-me-up in an otherwise cruddy day (aside from the surprise irises, which are the subject of another post). Gotta love $3 shipping, so nice to find a Canadian company to order from. Just wish their succulent seed selection was better.

Am particularly eager to try the, Elephant's Foot (Dioscorea elephantipes in the picture) thanks to EllieT's posts about them. And the Karoo Rose (Lapidaria margaretae) - super adorable and stone-like. Unfortunately they are going to have to wait until room frees up in my little propagators. Now if only the Buddha Belly and Rebutia rauschii I planted last week would germinate. They are supposed to be easy to get to grow...sigh.

UPDATE: Some Rebutia rauschii germinated last night. Whew.


  1. Sorry about the crummy day, but I'm glad the seeds arrived to cheer you up a bit! :)

    You know, all your big long, italicized plant names, I just skim over them. My brain fills in the space with something that sounds suspiciously like the adults from Charlie Brown. :D

  2. Yeah, get what you are saying about the names. I've been thinking of what to do about it. The problem is some of the plants don't have common names as far as I know, or the ones that do, have many. So the scientist in me has been going for the more accurate, but drier, scientific names.

    I've edited the above post to put in common names where applicable, is that preferable? Lithops are still getting their scientific names though :P

  3. You'll just have to come up with a post filled with definitions that you can reference to if plants post, and then just make you your own names for plants!

    For instance, the super cute happy plant from a couple posts ago should be called \o/. :D

    You don't even need words!