Tuesday, 12 April 2011

a planting break

I took some time out of my thesis this morning (aka. procrastination) to plant these Jatropha podagrica seeds (also known as the Buddha Belly plant).

Seeds before being covered up with a bit of soil.

After all the lithop seeds I've been fiddling with lately, these suckers are positively huge, over 1 cm long! In theory they are easy to germinate, but like usual I'm worried I did something wrong. Hopefully in 1-2 weeks at least one of the 4 seeds will germinate. If not, I have 6 more saved for future attempts.

All tucked in under saran wrap, next to a pot of Lithops schwantesii seedlings.

I miss sewing and other crafty endeavors, but they are just too space- and time-consuming to be a wise undertaking while there is still my thesis to finish. But planting seeds of weird and wonderful plants? Quick, relaxing and gives me something to look forward to each day when I check the pots.

Still have some Pleiospilos nelii*and Rebutia rauschii seeds ready to plant when I need another thesis break, Lapidaria margaretae, Dioscorea elephantipes, and Adenium obesum seeds in the mail (and from a Canadian seller - $3 postage is refreshingly reasonable!). It will probably be a long time before I get the nerve to try the Adenium seeds - I have an Adenium already thats 12+ years old, traveled with me across the country for school and has never, ever, looked happy. The poor thing has essentially been dormant this entire time. My Adenium karma can't be good :(

* Links are just so you guys can get a quick peek at what the plants are supposed to look like. Tried to find sites that had decent pictures.

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  1. Aww, ickle seedlings! Can't wait to see their progress. :)