Thursday, 5 May 2011

Euphoric for Euphorbias

Ok, just have to let it out now:  squeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!

Visited a local nursery yesterday (one of the only ones with a houseplant section) and finally lucked out:

A Euphorbia obesa (aka Baseball Plant for Heather S Who Likes Common Names). I bought one of these guys in high school and it travelled as my only plant out to university (later joined by others from home), survived two years in an east-facing dorm window and died a grand.....honestly, I can't remember how it died. Knowing me, I forgot to water it for a few terms. *looks embarrassed*


I've been looking for one ever since. And now my quest has been fulfilled and I am the proud owner of a lovely specimen of Baseball Plant. I'm actually very impressed at the quality of the plants from this place, the cacti and succulents are actually planted in a good substrate and not horribly over watered.

Of course now there is a new quest - apparently E. obsesas come in male and female versions, and you need one of each if you want babies (mommy, where do baby Baseball Plants come from?). So of course now I feel the need to sex this beast and then, somehow, find a mate for it. Rabbits are easier.

Just looked at the clock, no time to show you my other acquisitions.

Instead I will leave you with a picture of Henry. Wearing a Winegum lid for a hat. Caption suggestions welcome!

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  1. Aww, I like the Baseball Plant! Wouldn't want to accidently grab it to toss to someone, though. :D