Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Meet the new guys: Lithops marmorata

Lithops marmorata v. elisae C252 to be very precise.

Small, pale, cute. Not really sure how I feel about marmoratas exactly....I'm not giddy over them in the same way I am over the larger, flatter species (lesliei, pseudotruncatella etc.) but also don't dislike them in the same way I do the taller ones (herrei), which always make me feel like I'm mistreating them somehow.

Finally got some sunshine today, but I was busy cooking dinner and didn't remember to take the pics until the sun was really low. So far the 'thops seem to be enjoying their afternoon sunbathing trips outside. Next paycheck I'm planning on getting a little mini greenhouse for our back patio so they can live outside all summer (the greenhouse part is really more to protect them from excessive amounts of rain, not to give them heat and humidity).

Tomorrow, a tragic tale.....

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