Wednesday, 25 May 2011

R.I.P. a new guy: Lithops julii

Remember this L. julii ssp. fulleri v. fulleri I was worried about when potting up the new 'thops?

His old leaves were really squishy....and squishy seems to never be a good thing when it comes to lithops.

I came home from a cottage trip on Sunday to find him looking like this:

Yup, that is one extremely dead lithops. Sigh. He was so pretty. And two headed! I'm sad to lose the plant, but can't really kick myself for it - he came with a case of the squishies and all I did was pot him up and put him under my grow lights to give him a chance to dry out. Well, I may have painted a bit of NoDamp on the moldy bits, but really doubt thats what killed him. I hope. It just blows my mind how fast these guys die.

All of the other plants I got from Conos Paradise are doing great, without a hint of The Squishies, so I'm putting this down to a fluke.

Poor plant. I guess this means I need to sow some L. julii seeds from my stash in memoriam

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