Saturday, 28 May 2011


Woot! Finally got time to head out to The Herb Garden and pick up plants for my little patch of tasty paradise.

We got:
- sweet basil (x3)
- bush basil
- thyme (lemon and french)
- greek oregano (x2)
- chives
- lavender (x2)
- "Mojito" mint
- tarragon
- chervil
- summer savory
- Italian parsley
plus a rosemary plant that I bought during a nursery visit a month ago, and some dill seeds will probably end up being tossed about on a whim.

I'm rather disappointed that they didn't have more interesting varieties of basil, lavender (seriously still drooling over the varieties of lavender I saw during my whirlwind visit to Humber Nurseries. Didn't buy any because I wanted to support a local business *grumble*). They also didn't have any chamomile (for shame!) or fennel. I also wanted a bay laurel and lemon verbena, but couldn't justify the price *extra grumble*.

Does anyone know anything about growing fennel? Can I just toss some seeds in the garden (assuming I can find any?), or do I need to hunt down starter plants? I ask on behalf of these guys:

Henry and Bunnicula. Yes, that is a red milk crate there for scale.

They LOOOOOVE herbs, and fennel in particular. In fact, this is pretty much what they look like when they smell anything liquorice-y: "omgsmellssooooootastytastytastyilovetastiesgimmetastiesorIwillstaaaaaarve!!"

Tomorrow is planting day! Also going in is my single loofah plant:

He is going a bit crazy on the windowsill and is starting to cuddle up to the rosemary. Tomorrow he will have an entire trellis to get friendly with.

And, just because, a picture of some impatiens that mom picked up. As a general rule I hate impatiens with a burning passion, but the flowers on these are kinda pretty (more coral-coloured than the picture shows).

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