Friday, 23 September 2011

Friendship and flowers

Lithops fulviceps about to fower!

Old friends are wonderful and special creatures.

Spent today catching up with my best buddy from high school - chatting about plants and art and life's ups and downs. Can't ask for a better Friday than that! Since this seems to have become a blog about green things, not personal things I wont elaborate further except to say that hopefully we will both be better at staying in contact.....although even if we don't, that's ok. There is something really to be treasured about friends you can call up after years apart and be welcomed with open arms and an open heart.

And oh joy! happydance! squee! As I was showing her my lithops collection* we found something extra awesome - L. fulviceps and L. terricolor localis are going to flower! Super happy! I had given up on expecting flowers since this is the first year I've had all of these guys. It's nice confirmation that they must be (mostly) happy.

Lithops terricolor localis also going to flower!

* my friend was there when I bought my very first lithops waaaay back in high school - she understands the addiction!

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  1. Yay flowers! And how cool is that, catching up with an old friend. I've been thinking of getting a hold of my childhood best friend. Might have to actually get on that, one of these days. :)