Saturday, 24 September 2011

Happy and heartbreaking - new succulents and caudiciforms

Above is a photo of only half the new cacti and succulents I brought home last weekend. Yes, only much for my plan to not get anymore plants until I move out and actually have the room for them.

The local cactus and succulent club's monthly meeting was at the house of a wonderful lady with a massive (like she has a greenhouse!) collection. The sadness stemmed from the fact that she is elderly and moving soon - so is selling most of her plants. It was a bittersweet shopping experience - so wonderful as a new collector to have a chance to acquire some rare and unusual species (or just plain neat ones), but so heartbreaking because these are well loved plants and this sweet lady needs to give them up.

Now I feel so much pressure to keep them alive and healthy in honor of her.


I'll introduce you to a few in this post, and cover the rest in a follow up post or two. Lots of plant pics make great blog fodder!

Some type of euphorbia?
Not sure what species this guy is, but I'm 99% sure its a type of euphorbia. Love the leaf-shape on these...they remind me of diagrams of mitochondria. My euphorbia experience up until now has been limited to Euphorbia obesa. Hopefully other species are as easy to care for.

Huernia ssp. with a tag-along aloe

Got my first huernia this spring from a previous C&S club meeting - saw pictures of their flowers and had to bring one home. Couldn't resist a second one. No idea which species, if its rare or common, just thought it looked happy and healthy. Maybe one day one of them will flower for me. Sigh.

Haworthia ssp.
My second haworthia. Far more sterotypical than my first haworthia (H. truncata X maughanii). Again, not sure what these guys need...keeping my fingers crossed.

Continued in Part 2

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