Thursday, 22 September 2011

repotting Dioscorea elephantipes seedlings

There are actually two seedlings there.

(sorry about the cruddy photos - was in a rush and was a bad time of day for taking plant pics)

A plant buddy lost his Dioscorea elephantipes seedlings while away on vacation - luckily I had a spare. It's nice to be able to give back to people who've helped me so much with free seeds and advice these past few months.

Snapped these quick repotting pics before dashing out the door to deliver the seedling. 

Surprisingly long roots! And already little caudexes! (what is the plural of caudex anyway?)

All done! One for me, one to a new home. Have 3 more seedlings in another pot though, so I'm not down to a single Dioscorea.


  1. caudexes or caudices

  2. Actually, I have four seedlings. I ordered a pack of five seeds and of those, four germinated. A fairly good germination rate dontcha think?