Friday, 30 September 2011

The plant that should be underwater, but isn't.

Thats right! An adult Bowiea volubilis! I've only been wanting one of these guys since high school, only recently started seeds to grow my own.

And lo and behold, there were several awesome looking bowieas at the plant sale I've been posting about for the past few days.

I was good.

I restrained myself to one.

A small one at that.

But what an awesome looking plant! And thanks to my awesome high school plant buddy for reminding me of what we called these guys as we poured over houseplant books, dreaming and plotting and yearning for unusual plants. The plant that should be underwater but isn't.

Check out the bulb (caudex?):

Sigh, I can die a happy plant collector now.

What am I going to do if all 8 of my bowiea seedlings survive? Giveaway?


  1. I can think of a certain someone who may beg for a donation, but I can understand if you want to keep them ^_~

  2. What a wacky plant! I love that you and your high school plant buddy used to pour over houseplant books! Very cute, you plant-person you. :D

  3. (Lady)Bug, of course you can have one or three! I don't need that many :P

    Heather - I love that you think we were cute. The rest of the high school mostly thought we were weird. But of the best parts of our school was that it had a greenhouse. Actually that would make a good subject for a post....