Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Sadctus: random, sad-looking cactus.

So I had intended on taking pictures documenting the repotting process for this poor guy, and totally forgot in the haze of warm sunshine and plant-caring-frenzy.

This cactus has been kicking about my parent's house for as long as I can remember - minimum 15 years, possibly as much as 20. Almost all of that time has been spent dusty in a poorly lit corner, getting watered twice a year if it was a good year.

My parents? Kind houseplant guardians they are not.

I've basically forgotten about this guy all summer, even as I've been blogging about other plant rescue projects and fancy new additions. Finally realized today that in spite of the layers of dust and strange brown bits, the thing has defied all odds and is mostly still green.

Cactus = green = alive.....right?

So he is now repotted, in a bright window and will be getting some water.

I wonder how he will do?

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